Thursday, July 26, 2012

To wipe or not to wipe......

Hairyman and I went out to eat with some friends after a long day at a convention that we were attending last weekend.  I had taken a change of clothes because it had been a long day in hot weather.  I stuffed my change of clothes into my purse and away we went into the restaurant for dinner.  While in the restroom changing my clothes, I decided to go to the bathroom (while in the stall) and I realized that my stall was out of toilet paper (after I had relieved myself, of course.) 

What would you do?
1.)  Not wipe?
2.) OR - Use your clothes that you had just taken off to wipe your
ASS and then throw them all away in the restroom garbage?

Can you guess what I DID?


  1. i think i would use my clothes... i can't imagine not wiping... i might first dig through my purse to see if i had a stray napkin or walmart receipt or something

  2. I bet you used your clothes. They can be replaced, but walking around all squishy like would drive you nuts

  3. Yeah, i'm going with the clothes too, because eww otherwise... and if they aren't cloths that you particularly attached too... ditch them in the bathroom waste basket!

  4. But it was such a cute outfit! You could have just screamed and I would have come running...

  5. well you snuck into the other stall or you used the paper towels


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