Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mutant Hybrid Rats....and they are IN MY CAR!!

For some time I've been battling mice that are getting into my car somehow.......
......YES, MY CAR!  
Every morning, I wake up.....get in my car (which sets in my garage) and there is evidence that 'mice' have been throwing a party in my car at wee hours
of the night while I am in bed sleeping! 
(I don't think these little rascals suspect that I know all about these late
night parties.....BUT I DO!) 

For months, I've been setting mouse traps in my vehicle at night and I DO catch my share of these 'little partiers' in these traps! 

It's actually gotten to the point that I now leave mouse traps in my car 24/7 .....(.....I put them on the floor in the back and drive around all day with these 'live' traps in my car.) 

I actually live in fear as I'm driving down the road that one of the traps will 'SPRING' I'm driving down the road ....... or a mouse will run across my arm or
up my pant leg as I'm driving! 

Well, this usual.....I look in my car and
YES..... I've caught a mouse!   But upon taking a closer look at the trap - the carcass has been torn apart and there are mouse 'GUTS AND FUR' all over in my car around the trap!  (The dead mouse has been tore to shreds
like some scene out of a horror movie!)

Do mice eat other mice? 
Well, I cannot answer that I 'GOOGLE IT'....and this is what I find:

Mice turn cannibalistic when they are stressed.
(This is not normal behavior for mice, though maternal cannibalism of
babies is much more common than other forms.) 
Cannibalism of dead adults occurs under conditions of
starvation and overcrowding.
Cannibalism under other conditions is considered to be unusual.
Mice have been observed turning cannibalistic to survive cold
winters, when dwindling supplies of food cannot support
the animals' population. For example, dead mice caught
in traps may become food to survivors. Under ordinary
conditions, mice prefer to eat sweet and carbohydrate-
rich foods rather than flesh.

Well, of course, I'M NOT EXCEPTING THIS ANSWER.......(...SURPRISSEEE....)

...........IN MY MIND there is some sort of MUTANT 'HYBRID' RAT ......
(......that has escaped from some secret biological lab in the area....).......
...........and wouldn't you know......
it's discovered MY MICE (and their late night parties in my car!)

(So now ............I have a situation!  I'm not only battling MICE - but now I have
a MUTANT HYBRID RAT loose in my car!)

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