Friday, July 31, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1) First of all, I am extremely lucky to have been blessed with a phenomenal wonderful husband, Rob and 3 terrific kids, Brad, Brooke and Hailee...the four of them are the most important thing in my world!

2) As much as I moan and groan about working, I have the best job in the world, the people that I work with are wonderful and I love going to work every day!

3) I love everything about summertime...gardening, laying in the sun, grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, drinking cocktails by a pool or on a beach, or drinking beer with friends on a deck....everything about summer makes me happy.

4) My favorite food is a "Big o' Greasy Cheeseburger."

5) Yes, I can honestly say (all kidding aside)....I'm not lying, I do like the taste of tequila!

6) I love my house, I've lived in it for 10 years and I hope I live in it for the rest of my life.

7) One thing I would do differently about raising my children, I would have had more sit down family dinners around the table (as a family) while they were growing up, instead of sitting on barstools around the kitchen or using TV trays.

8) I seriously LOVE to watch scary / horror movies. "The thrill of the scare" is what it's all about!

9) I have a phobia of being maulled by a's gotten worse and that's why I don't go camping!

10) I dream or have a nightmare every night ....and I wake up in the morning to recall everything about that dream or nightmare.

11) I've been very fortunate to have made strong friendships with several different amazing people during different stages of my life...and altho I may have drifted apart from some of these special people, I believe these friendships have helped get me thru the most difficult times in my life and it is extremely important to me to have had them in my life at on point in time.

12) One of my favorite things to do is "go out to eat!"

13) I DO NOT Golf and I REALLY HAVE NO interest in learning to Golf (but I will be more than happy to ride around in the cart while drinking cocktails and watching YOU golf!)

14) I have a small 6 pound Yorkshire Terrier named "Sir Maximus Killer Brown" and since I have no kids at home right now to take care of, he's my little baby and he's spoiled rotten!

15) I love to go to Las's my favorite place to vacation!

16) If I could turn back time, I would've liked to have been a cop or a stripper (before I was married and had a family, that is!)

17) At this time I have NO tattoos..l.but I'm planning on getting the Chinese symbol for "Believe" on the back of my neck sometime in the near future!

18) My favorite quote is "Always Believe!"

19) Someday I will open my Coyote Ugly Bar (my dream) and YES I will be dancing on the bar wearing my "Buttless Coyote Ugly Chaps!" :):)

20) I've made many mistakes in my past, but I'd do them all again, because I've learned from them, and they've made me a "better person" today!

21)I collect Tequila Bottles.

22) I collect Coloring Books>

23) I would love to have my own pool someday, but I probably will never have one due to the fact that I can hardly keep up with the water in my hot tub!

24) I am truly happy at this point of my life! Life is Good!

25) Live your life NOW and don't WAIT to do the things you want to do. Life is too short, so tell your friends and family how much they mean to you RIGHT NOW! Thank you to all of my phenomenal friends and family for making my life so worth living!

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