Monday, August 2, 2010

Things That Bring Joy to My Life.....

Today I happened to be snooping around 'One Cluttered Brain's' Blog......who happened to be snooping around 'Scary Mommy's' Blog...and both of them were talking about what gives them Joy in their lives......  So I thought I'd join in too, for a chance to win a 'ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR American Express Gift Check' to spend on anything that I here's the...... 
Simple things that bring Joy to my life:  (in no particular order)
1.)  Finding a $20.00 bill in my pocket. ( a jacket or a pair of jeans that I haven't wore in weeks.)
2.)  Getting a phone call from my kids. (...for no specific reason...just to talk.)
3.)  Ice Cream (specifically 'Strawberry CheeseQuake' or 'MooseTracks')
4.)  Going out to eat! (.... for Cheeseburgers!)
5.)  Stepping on the scales to find I've lost weight. (...even one pound, I'm not picky!) 
6.)  A clean house (...that I didn't have to clean!)
7.)  An Ice Cold Beer (or Margarita, or Red Bull & Vodka, or Sparks, or Vodka & get the picture.....) after a long day at work.
8.)  When my husband tells me he loves me... (just out of the blue, for no reason at all.....and he hasn't even done anything that requires forgiveness.)
9.)  Playing 'hookie' from work. (...and doing absolutely nothing all day long but laying around in my pajamas, curled up on the couch with an afghan, watching 'Lifetime' movies, eating chocolate chip cookies, french fries, tuna fish sandwiches and drinking cappiccinos and Red Bull all day long.)
10.)  Having an awesome 'Hair Day'! (....and then seeing lots of friends around town - that you haven't seen in awhile - who happen to look like SHIT!)
11.) An entire day watching a 'Two and A Half Men' and 'Til Death' Marathon on TV.
12.)  Finding out my 'Long-Lost-Great-Step-Uncle-Twice-Removed' has passed and left me $25,000.00.
13.)  A broken or smashed 'Garden Gnome'  (...gnomes are evil, my friends!)

So what brings you Joy?

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  1. ohh finding a 20 dollar bill! Priceless!
    Finding out you won a $1000 dollar gift card...YOWZA!!! YAY!

    Hey goober...You fergot to comment on my Joy post...What you don't like Matthew? :)lol.

  2. So, I'm curious, did you really get $25,000 from a relative you didn't know to morn? LOL
    If so, amazing! I often dream of the moment my Tiara arrives via a Last Will and Testament!

  3. Cluttered...oops...I'm off to comment on your post as we speak (....mustof been that I was too caught up admiring Matthew's '_SS'!)

    Mommy Mambo....actually, long lost uncle died...but wouldn't it be cool if he did and he left me lots of money (that sure WOULD bring JOY into my life!)

  4. Great list! I have to laugh... I just read someone else's Joy list and she said Garden Gnomes give her joy :) Too funny!

  5. Debi9kids............I DETEST Garden Gnomes....they're the 'Spawn of Evil'!


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