Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gnomeo and Juliet .......You've Got To Be Kidding ME!

A friend of mine (well ....she used to be a friend of mine) (.....until she showed me this trailer for the new Disney Movie...)
'GNOMEO and JULIET''ve got to be kidding me!
This is just all of my worst nightmares tied up into one 'Disney Movie Gone Wrong', People!
There are no words right now! I'm at a lost! I feel sick to my stomach and I actually just threw up in my mouth and swallowed it!
I've been telling you for years that the Garden Gnomes come to life at night while we're not watching!  SO THERE YOU GO!

(This is even FAR WORSE than when THAT HOUSE fell on my sister!)


  1. Ha!!!! Now I've got to see the movie. :) I saw your post on the Redhead Riter Community.

  2. This is so funny! I haven't seen the previews for it yet, but after reading your blog - I want to :)
    Found you on BlogFrog.

  3. Hey, ladies...thanks for stopping by! I love new friends and I'm glad I got a chuckle out of you both. Look for my upcoming post regarding "How to survive a gnome attack!" (I don't like gnomes, just in case, you haven't figured that out yet!) :):) Keep in touch!

  4. Really? Seriously?
    Disney needs to make a movie out of this blogger's life...:)
    It would be very entertaining....indeed!

  5. We should have taken your word for it...shudder...

  6. haha effing loved this post! must see this movie

  7. Ha!! Sorry, but that cracked me up! I suspect you knew that... Personally, I've never seen a garden gnome with a blue hat, so I question the accuracy of this movie. Hmmm... Ha! I clicked over to your funny blog from LOL's site. I appreciated your comment on my "Top 10 Rules of Elevator Etiquette" post. Love your blog! Definitely following now... :)

  8. Paige: Thanks for stopping by.. altho I won't be going to this movie anytime soon...what with my fear of gnomes and all...

    Kelley: I agree...never seen a blue hatted gnome, but hey...maybe they're mutant breeding and such now....and you're one funny lady too, I'll be stopping by YOUR blog one day soon! :):) Thanks for the follow, girlfriend!

  9. You know I can't see a garden gnome without thinking of you. Perhaps one day I will dye my pubic hair green and tattoo a garden gnome right above it.

    Thank you for being such a supportive bloggy buddy..

  10. Holy crap!! I cant believe this! Its...just...wrong!! And I am so skeeved out by gnomes. Like I mean...gnomes. Hello?! Their names alone are skeevy! LOL. Stopping by from the SITS Group

  11. ...awww....Thanks, Mami! You're the Best!

    Hey, Imperfect Momma: Thanks for stopping by! I see you share in my 'gnome-phobia''re my new best friend! ........SITS is great isn't it?


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