Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yes, I KNOW I have a moustache......but thank you very much for pointing it out to me!

One of the technicians at our office .....a co-worker.....of the male persuasion, mind you.......thought it would be a good idea to inform me that I was sporting a moustache today......YES, A MOUSTACHE.....(...and no, I'm not making this SHIT up, I wanna go around having conversations with you  about how I have black hair growing under my nose......)    (.....and just so you know.....if you look close enough, you'll probably find some hair growing OUT OF MY NOSTRILS, TOO....SO THERE....... )     Although, why him telling me that I have black hair on my upper lip should cause such a reaction in myself is beyond me........... ISN'T IT I - who doesn't have a problem with telling all of you how I have 'little black hairs growing out of my nipples'........well, one should expect that IF I HAVE hair on my nipples, I'd also be sportin' a moustache, as well!    But that's beside the point!  We're not talking about the hair growing in inappropriate places on my body..............we're here to talk about PEOPLE WHO TELL ME I have hair growing in inappropriate places! ( I don't know that already....helllooooooo.....)

So of course all day long people were staring at my upper lip, (in my own little twisted mind, anyway), and it was all I could do to look them in the face and NOT poke them in the eyes with my finger! 

Like I'm the only woman to ever sport a ' I forgot to bleach it one day - sue me!   OR God Forbid that I would neglect to shave my upper lip for a day or two......     GOSH.......( I've gotten myself all worked up again....)



  1. oh i know how U feel.
    I had a 11 yo say something to ME about my almost non existent stache the other day...Sheesh.
    I went ahead and got rid of those hairs but..some ppl need to have a heart. SIGH.
    i need a drink now.

  2. I hate coworkers that inform you that you have something wrong with you. slap that guy for me. :)

  3. I'm talking about how important professional tweezers are to keeping these stray hairs at bay on my blog TODAY ;-) i'm a drop in from the Monkey group via SITS-
    love your blog

  4. Great post, I think your posts are hilarious, (in a good way ok?) Thanks for following me on BF, I so appreciate it.

    As an afterthought, I cut my nostril hair when they start growing too long and wild, if not they get in contact with my mustache, (yes I also have one, but I am a guy) and then it tickles me, cannot handle it. And you of course know that it only starts itching when your hands are full of some dirty substance and you cannot scratch without leaving a mark.

    Have a stunning weekend.


  5. Oh you have a male co-worker just like one of my co-workers. He has NO FILTER and says anything to anybody. He once told me that it was a good thing I was married or he'd be all over me. But that was years ago before I got old and started growing my own mustache. LOL

  6. aww shit, you just reminded me i need to shave my stach...

  7. Oh I hear ya! I thought I was stach free until my kids started running their dirty little fingers over my upper lip and pointed it out to me. I have four kids. They all did it. One after the other. No. I'm not bitter.

  8. What a jackass! I bet he has reluctant facial hair and is jealous. He probably says that to everyone.

  9. why can't people just keep their mouths shut??!! ha!

    I have the 'stach too, and the pubes growing down behind my knees...and a few stray whiskers on my neck... oh and there's the ones growing out of EVERY mole on my body...

    oh well... i'm buying stock in bleach, wax, tweezers...

  10. And the people at the eyebrow wax place are the worst. Even if you don't have hairs somewhere, like your chin or whatever, they act like you have a horrible problem--"You want a chin wax? Are you SURE you don't?"
    Also over 40 and from Michigan,

  11. Too funny - not your co-worker, he's an ass. But your post made me laugh, my daughter watched me cut my nose hairs (hey, I'm Italian) and was all "ohhh, gross that's just wrong" I informed her that wrong would have been me walking around sporting nose hairs!

    Found you on SITS...nice to meet ya!


  12. You should have told him it was meant to be ironic.

  13. this is so good Jenny..... very very funny.... I know I'm a bit late posting my comment but thank you for a good laugh.... and give your co-worker a kick in the ass from me....


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