Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'Oh Gnome You Don't!' Board Game? You Gotta be 'FREAKIN' Kidding Me!

........so I'm online shopping the other day for board games for my family and look what popped up on my screen......


.......a FLIPPIN' Gnome Board Game..............

....so the description of the game is as follows:

“Oh Gnome You Don’t!” Board Game  2-5 players,  ages 13+,  90 minutes  It’s adventure time for gnomes as they travel and gather items along the forest trail.  Typically cheerful and friendly, the little gnomes let greed and aggression get the best of them as they get into brawls, play tricks, and set traps to be able to grab up and trade for the most gems by the end of the game. 
It’s a Gnome-tastic Adventure!!

 A 'GNOME'-tastic Adventure?
Who the H*LL buys this shit, anyway?
 ........like I want this kind of freaky stuff laying around my house! 

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