Friday, April 13, 2012

I Binged, I peed my pants and have I told you how pathetic I am?

The following is an email that I sent to my friend Heather today:
I am such a loser........I just took a lunch and I binged again!      I could punch myself right in the face!    I ate a BBQ chicken sandwich and 3 onion wraps from the gas station, then I went to McDonalds and ate 4 chicken McNuggets and 1 McDonald Angus Mushroom and Swiss Wrap.    Now I feel miserable!  ....and I had to unbutton my now I'm sitting here at work with my pants undone and that's not the half of it..........
.......I tried to make myself sick when I got back to work but that didn't work.........while I had a finger down my throat.....bent over the toilet....dry-heaving -  I pissed myself!    So now I not only feel like a HOG - I smell like urine!             ......yes, I know I have issues, people!


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