Monday, April 2, 2012

PEEPS, anyone?

Am I the only one on this planet who doesn't like Easter Peeps?   I don't know what all the big deal IS with these things!  They're freakin' GROSS, people!  (...Is this what we really want your children eating?)

I did go out and buy some the other day just so I could go home and cut all their heads off!  I flushed the heads down the toilet and put their bodies down the garbage disposal! 

  ....(.....these things aren't like worms are they?  They're not gonna grow back their
appendages are they?  Like - are the heads in the toilet going to grow bodies and are
the bodies in the garbage disposal going to suddenly grow back heads?    I hope not........
...because I'm fairly certain they're gonna be pissed..........and I have enough
to worry about what with the gnomes and all!) 


  1. Thank god there is someone else out there that hates those pieces of crap. I mean, I might gag one down if I was deserted somewhere and it was the only thing left to keep me alive. But other than that, NO FREAKING THANK YOU.

  2. The cartoon versions of you are hysterical! And I agree PEEPS ARE SOOOOO NASTY!!!!!!!

    *PS: Found your blog on Blog Roll: Healthy Living! :)


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