Sunday, March 29, 2015

25 Things About Me!

For those of you new to my blog, I thought maybe I'd fill you in on a little about ME! (Especially since this Blog is 'ALL ABOUT ME!') I've posted similar lists in the past 2-5 years on this blog (I think the last one I wrote was in 2012) .....and those who know me, will notice that it has changed a bit over the years! 
So here are 25 things ABOUT ME that you may or may not know:

1.) I like to be the center of attention (....this will never change)
2.) I have 3 small Tattoos (....don't ask me where they are...if I want you to see them, I'll have put them in places you can see)
3.) I 'pee my pants' all of the time.....YES - ALL OF THE TIME
4.) I own 'Butt-less Chaps' ....I made them myself out of a pair of jeans....AND I DO still wear them periodically .....and I look fabulous in them.... (...altho I haven't broke them out in awhile...)
5.) I absolutely HATE Garden Gnomes
6.) I have a phobia of being mauled by a bear
7.) I keep Peanut Butter in the glove compartment of my car and plastic spoons/forks in
the console
8.) I LOVE to talk about myself (....and you will find I will be 'a lot' more interested in the conversation we are having - if we gear it around me)
9.) I no longer work out of the home......I'm a Trophy-Wife (altho my 'Trophy-Wife' status may be changing in the near future according to Hairyman)
10.) I call my husband 'Hairyman' (...for obvious reasons)
11.) 2 years ago I left my job after having worked there 11 years ( was both the BEST decision I ever made and it was one of the WORST decisions I've ever made...)
12.) I have a serious crush on Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
13.) I am obsessed with the Zombie Apocalypse and I'm secretly planning for it
14.)  I LOVE Cheeseburgers ...( me crazy but I'd take a cheeseburger over steak or lobster any day....)
15.)  In MY MIND......I have 'Cat-like Reflexes' and 'Chuck Norris Ninja Skills'
16.) I drink a lot of VODKA....(but I'm not an alcoholic)
17.) I'm a Closet Eater and I have been for over 30 years
18.) My mother thinks I'm an alcoholic
19.) I shave the hair on my arms
20.)  My mom reads this blog ....... (Mom, I'm not an alcoholic!)
21.)  I seriously have an over-active imagination and am constantly thinking of 'What If Scenarios' on a daily basis
22.) I'm paranoid when it comes to Parasites living in my body
23.) I carry a jackknife and matches in my purse at all times just in case I get stranded or lost in the woods for days......(...because in my mind, a jackknife and matches are the two things that are going to enable me to survive in the wilderness for days on end)
24.) My most favorite thing to do is to laugh or make other people laugh
25.) I tend to embellish my stories a bit......BUT EVERYTHING that I write in this blog IS TRUE ( you really think I could make this SH*T  up!)                              


  1. She's BACK.................and I love it! need to tell everybody about tequila body shots...should be a couple good stories there.....just don't mention any

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  3. Anonymous........ Body Shots! Wow.... That brings back memories! It's been awhile! Thanks for reading and commenting, by the way - I'll try not to let you down! ;)


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