Friday, September 11, 2009

Holy Hair!

Holy Bad Hair Day!

I just happened to glance in a mirror and saw a reflection of myself. ......... Ugh!

Are you kidding me? I seriously have bangs!

(I have this nasty little habit of cutting my own hair after I've had a couple of cocktails.) And now that I think about it, the other night I got 'all sauced up', went in my bathroom with my 'mojito' and cut my bangs. About 2 inches worth of bangs! What was I thinking! Sure, it sounded like a great idea at the time, but I was drunk.......

OK, so after the fact........ I actually forget that I've done this to myself until I catch my reflection in a mirror again. My hair looks like SHIT. I look like Valerie Bertinelli in the 80's. .........(not that this is a bad look, but it was certainly a better look in the 80's......and not that Valerie Bertinelli isn't beautiful, 'cause she is!) But it's definitely not the look that I am going for at this stage of my life. I want long sexy, wavy, beautiful that makes me look sexy and hot. I don't want hair that's sassy and cute! I don't want hair that makes me look like I'm trying to be 20 years old again, or hair that looks like I got it cut at "cut's or us!"

It's been about 1 1/2 weeks now........can my hair grow any slower? How long does it take for bangs to grow back, anyway? Oh my Gosh............I'm never cutting my hair again!

One of my good friends, Teresa, says that my two greatest assets are my hair and my boobs. (Yes, I'm fortunate to have beautiful, thick and wavy hair, and I've been blessed with great looking breasts, I'll admit!) So why did I go and ruin my I have to rely on my boobs to get me through! And they're not as perky as they use to be, let me tell you!
So forget my hair (my new hair with bangs), and forget my boobs (the sagging breasts that point toward the floor)'s time I rely on my fresh, positive, perky, fun-filled attitude! Which is what I should be relying on anyway!

Life isn't about boobs and hair, right?

Photo: Valerie Bertinelli

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  1. I tend to cut my own when I don't have time for a hair appointment or my hairdresser can't get me in on time. It's NEVER a good thing, but I still try to do it- but my hair grows VERY fast so usually in two weeks, it's fine. God speed (for your hair)!


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