Friday, September 25, 2009

I stink!

I'm replying to my girlfriend, Kelly's e-mail...................

Hi, Kelly:
So glad to hear from you……….. (although I do ‘stalk’ you on facebook quite frequently, so I always actually know what you’re doing!)

Glad to hear that you and the kids are doing fine out in Colorado. You need to go thru your house and take pictures of it and e-mail them to me, so I know what your house is like. (I need to get a feeling………….an actual vision of where you live - in my head, so when I talk to you, I can picture you sitting at home thinking of ME.)

Yes, I’m so glad its Friday, too (although today I don’t think I’m up for “3:00pm Sparks day”.) I had cocktails on Wednesday night (out with friends) and again last night (Silpada jewelry party at Heather’s) and I’m pretty “sparks-ed” out right now! I just want to go home from work, take a shower, get in my pj’s and ‘veg’ tonight.

I look like “shit” this morning (at work.) I’m in an old pair of cutoff jeans (w/ holes), a beat up faded T-shirt and I’m actually wearing a hat (a visor to be more specific!) Three people at work have walked by me already and said, “What’s with the visor?”
Well, I’m not so stupid that I don’t know that that’s their way of “pretty much telling me how ridiculous I look with this thing on my head” ………………and I’m pretty much taking their comments as meaning “I pretty much look like ‘Dog Shit’ today!” “Well, bite me!” (Just so you know, I’d look a lot worse if I took the visor off, people…… deal with it!)

I hit the snooze about 12 times this morning, and when I finally rolled out of bed, I had about 10 minutes to get ready for work. “So there!” (Must I always be beautiful, people!??!?) Come on, guys, can’t I have a bad hair day once in awhile!

And just so you know………. I’m in dire need of a shower – BIG TIME! As I sit here typing away at my desk, I realize something stinks……….and unfortunately, I think it’s me! (Sniff under my armpits) ………………Yep, it’s me! No doubt about it! And there’s other smells that I’m aware of, but we don’t even want to go there!

My boss actually walked by me this morning and told me I stink (I think he only mentioned the fact that I ‘reak’ because I told him that I got ready for work in 7 minutes this morning and hadn't bothered to 'bathe') and I replied:

“Well, it’s not my breath that stinks…….cause that’s the only think fresh and clean on my entire body this morning.” ……………………. I DID manage to brush my teeth before I left for work this morning.

So there……(don’t you miss me?)………. (And now that I think about it, I think post this story on my ‘blog’, what do you think?)

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