Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here we try again...........

OK, so you know how about 2 weeks ago I told you how I was going to start my "big exercise, get fit, get healthy and hot program?" Well.......don't ask! It really didn't work out so hot for me!
SO....................I actually started my "big exercise, get fit for life program" THIS week instead of two weeks ago as planned....(simply because I bombed at it 2 weeks ago!) Does that really surprise you? So I got started again on Monday.........yes, I'm aware that it's only been one day(since it's only Tuesday)........but I'm feeling very positive this time and I've got some good friends supporting me in my efforts.
We've actually made up our own little "Chub Club 2009" to help us accomplish our goals.
Well, here's what it boils down to....
Yesterday I walked one mile. Today I walked one mile. I now have shin splints and it hurts to walk, period. I also have a blister on my heel. I did arm exercises (with weights) yesterday and today my arms are numb and I can't feel my shoulders. Yesterday I did sit-ups. Today it hurts to laugh and it pains me to bend at the waist.
Both yesterday and today I've eaten salads, boiled eggs, string cheese, 100 calorie Ritz snack mix, a turkey sandwich, and pickles. Alright, I'm already sick of salads, boiled eggs, string cheese, 100 calorie Ritz snack mix, turkey sandwiches, and pickles. I'm craving Cheeseburgers and Cheesecake. Take a deep breath, Jenny, be strong.......I know I can do this!
Why I want to lose weight and get fit and healthy:
1. I haven't been taking care of myself for the last 8 years and I'm feeling very unhealthy. My cholesterol is high and I need to start taking care of my body and health, (or I won't be around to enjoy the rest of my life or to enjoy watching my kids grow and live their lives.)
2. I simply need to lose weight. I don't fit into any of my clothes. It's not fun getting dressed anymore. I can't wear the fun girl outfits because I'm too fat. I seriously feel like I'm this 28 year old young hot babe trapped in a 43 year old saggy frumpy body.
3. I don't fit into my coyote ugly butt-less chaps quite the way I use to.
4. I would like to get my belly button pierced again.
And 5. I want to get a tattoo of Red Lips on my ASS! (my friend Heather told me she'd buy me my tattoo of Red Lips on my ass if I could lose 16 pounds in one month......wish me luck!)
Just so you know, I don't think she's too worried........my track record of losing weight and getting fit isn't too great......... My husband once told me he'd give me $1000.00 cash if I lost 30 pounds by Christmas, and I couldn't even do that!
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  1. You are going to do it this time, Jenny! I have confidence in you (and out club!)


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