Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let's Face It!

OK, let's just face it....things don't always turn out like we plan them too!

Saturday night Rob and I went to a get-together with a few friends that I graduated with. (It's been 25 years since I graduated.) Just a very informal mini - high school class reunion. Oh yes, I had these 'great expectations' of making my 'grand entrance' into this event! I thought surely that a "hush" would come over the crowd and a light wind would blow through my hair as I walked into the room. And of course I would be the beautiful diva that everyone flocked too. Oh how I had such high hopes..............(You may want to check out my post: "Reunion, anyone?")

I of course spent hours curling, straightening, foofing, ratting my hair so that I had the fluffy soft perfect hairdo that all the other women would be envious of. (Well it took about 1/2 hour for my perfect hair to fall frumpy and straight while needless to say all of my fellow females hairdos stayed full and fluffy thru-out the entire night.)
I spent the morning manicuring my fingernails and toenails so that they would be perfect for my big night. Toenails were perfectly painted and I had glued on brand new fake french manicured nails on all my fingernails. (Well, wouldn't you know, half of my fake fingernails had popped off before I even got to the party, so I was left with little gross looking nubs for nails!)

No hush came over the crowd when I walked into the party........absolutely no breeze blowing through my hair as I made my entrance, in fact it was hotter than shit. I ended up setting in the direct sun, once I arrived, so I was all sweaty, hot and red faced from the heat! My makeup of course sweated off my face before too long leaving me looking blotchy and as if I just rolled out of bed. (Of course, I didn't bother to go to the tanner to get my beautiful dark skin glow that I had wanted so badly.) I had downed a diet root beer prior to the party, so I was bloated! (Making it tough to hold in my stomach all night with the attempt to make myself look thinner!) I had forgotten to take some allergy medicine, so I spent the night with a runny nose and itchy-watery eyes. (And of course, camera flashes going off all night, and needless to say, I looked like a 'hog' in all the pictures!)

All kidding aside, it ended up being a wonderful night. I got to spend some great time with some old friends. Each and every one of us looked fabulous and had a spectacular time.

For those of our fellow classmates who were unable to make it, it was unfortunate, and we all missed seeing you.

The night certainly wasn't about who looked better than anyone else, or who had made the most money over the last 25 years. It wasn't about who was driving the 'hummer' or the 'corvette' or who was still bagging groceries at the local market. Who was sporting diamonds and carrying 'Prada' bags, or who was still struggling to make ends meet.

We all simply had a wonderful time, just getting together with old friends, reminiscing about old times, re-telling old stories, catching up on every ones lives. There was lots of "HUGS" to be had by all! (Yes, the picture above is of me setting in the sun on the deck, during the reunion!)
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