Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tree Lot News.....

Greetings from the Tree Lot .....

(Day 2 of the Tree Lot in Cape Coral, FL.) Been here 2 days. Yesterday sucked. It's hotter than heck....If I had balls, I'd be sweatin' them off! Last night I went to bed at 7PM, if that tells you anything. I was beat. I was ornery and feeling drained. My mom and dad were getting on my nerves, I got bit a few times by fire ants and for those of you who have never had the pleasure of getting bit by a fire ant, it frickin' HURTS! So now all my bites ITCH uncontrollably, my feet hurt, cause' I've got bunions and my toe nails are way too long for the shoes that I'm wearing. NOTE TO SELF: Trim toe nails. I broke about 3 nails, which pisses me off, cause they'd finally grown to a nice sexy length prior to getting down here. Well, let me tell you, there was nothing sexy about me last night........

Today, much better. Still Hot and Humid and sweating like a pig....but we actually got done working at the lot at about 2:30-3PM. (That has never happened before.) I actually got back to our house and was able to chill at our pool. (In 8 years of tree lot, I've never put on a swim suit and chilled!) Today was heaven....by 4:30PM, I was chillin' by the pool, listening to Beyonce and Lady Gaga, enjoying a cocktail and peacefully reading in 80 degree weather. I could've peed my pants I was so happy!

Tomorrow's a different story.......we've got a long day ahead of us. By the end of the tomorrow, I anticipate being hot, sweaty, ornery again, my feet will hurt, my ankles will be swollen, my hair will be in a dishevel, my makeup will be gone due to sweat running down my face, I'll have tree sap all over me, I'll be filthy, I'll stink of BO and I'll be starving and ready to go to bed again in a big way........

.........So let me savor this moment of bliss tonight while I'm still in a good mood!

Actual Photo taken at Tree Lot 2009

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  1. Interesting stuff our son told me about your blog when I was telling him about mine for school. I hope your days get better you deserve to chill in the sun as i remember how much you enjoy it.

    God Bless,


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