Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home from Tree Lot 2009

OK, I'm well aware that I've been neglecting my posting here on my blog. What can I say? I've been out of the state for 3 solid weeks selling Christmas trees in Florida, and time has gotten away with me. Yes, I suck, I know! ...........I had every intention of keeping up with my blog while in Florida, updating you with funny tales of the tree lot and my adventures in Cape Coral, FL..........but you know how it goes. ...........So here's my last three weeks in a nutshell: (.............try to keep up)

Arrive in Cape Coral, FL on 11/22/09. Unpack and settle in. (I'd like to mention the hot and miserable, sweaty weather.) Using the 'porti-poti' all day long! (Gross!) Took 2 days to set up the tree lot tent. The semi-truck carrying our trees broke down in Ohio.... (We have NO trees.) Went bowling. (Missing my husband and kids terribly.) The semi full of trees arrive Thanksgiving morning........ open for business on Thanksgiving day .......... 5 guys rush to unload our trees from the semi (so we'll have something to sell other than tree bags and tree stands). Getting bit by fire ants! (Little frickin' things!) I miss my dog! Have Thanksgiving dinner (courtesy of our Florida friends)........ Lupe's air mattress has a hole in it! Making wreaths, decorating wreaths........Rain, and more cold today (I didn't come all the way from Michigan to have to wear jeans and sweatshirts, by the way.) Went to the dollar store! The tree tents flooded! (Get out the sump pump!) The pool at the rental is freezing cold! I kicked a customer out of our tent. (He pissed me off!) Bought tons of Gatorade. Brad calls to say he's broke! Mom made Chili...........BOY, the porti-poti is delightful, now! Hot and Miserably sweaty again. I've still got my "witch-wart!" I'm dreaming of pine trees. Found out we have Christmas Tree competition just up the road! (How dare they!) My feet hurt! (Have I mentioned the 'pine needles'!) Trying to set up Travis with my daughter! Selling more trees, business is slow. Mom and Dad driving my nuts. I'm covered with sap! They forgot to clean the 'porti-poti'! What fun! Rob and Max finally arrive! Yeeaahhh! Rob's been here 5 minutes and is driving me nuts already. Max gets sick. I'm up all night with Max! (I'm contemplating taking him to the Vet tomorrow.) Friends from Michigan arrive. Max is better now! Party and cocktails! I get 2 days off! Hot and humid! Ate too much, drank to much, danced too much, peed my pants! Don't much want to go back to work at the tent now that I've had 2 days off! The guys fished last night in the canal! Rob is keeping my prisoner behind the tree tent desk! (It's like being married to Hitler!) Mmmm...McDonald's again! I'm sick of using the 'porti-poti'! I'm lazy and I don't feel like making wreaths any more! I Insist that mom start making wreaths! I'm sick of Gatorade! I've got blisters on my feet! Just found out our pool has a heater! OMG!!! Taco Bell, again! Making plans to burn down the competitors tree-tent up the road! (Don't tell anyone!) My mom turned up the air-conditioning too high.....everyone froze last night! Went to the tanner! (Rob thinks I'm an idiot!) My 3 pairs of sandals I brought with me are all broken. (Note to self: Buy new flip-flops!) Sam caught a fish! Michigan friends decide to stay 3 more days. Bob bought a boat! (Now I really don't want to go back to the tent to sell trees!) Thank God for mom and dad! Mom and dad think I have a drinking problem! It's still hot and humid and I'm sweaty and hot and I look like a 'sweaty hog'! Visited with my friend, Judi! Forgot to pay my daughters college tuition. Taught my mom how to make bows. My hair's a mess! I forgot to get change, and it's Sunday morning! I'm sick of pine needles. Went to the dollar store, again. My fingernails have all broken and they are filthy! I burned my butt in the tanner! Somebody turned down the air-conditioning - it's a sauna in our house! Trying to talk Sam out of getting his nipples pierced! More friends arrive from Michigan! The traffic is terrible here! Went bowling! Had Cocktails! I'm actually sick of eating out! (Can you believe it!) Making more wreaths. Nothin' better than Hooter's Wings! Still getting bit by fire ants! I started my period! (Oh, great!) Having fun with friends! More pine needles.......selling more trees! Contemplating on getting a tattoo! I've still got my witch-wart! Making wreaths. Selling wreaths. No TV interviews this year. Business is slow! No one got run over by a semi! Raining again! Went shopping. Selling more trees, Max is peeing all over the rental house! Took our Florida Bowling friends out to eat and cocktails! I miss my kids! (What's with all the credit cards? Doesn't anyone pay CASH anymore?) Every where I look, I'm seeing pine needles! Rob actually thinks HE'S in charge! HHeeelllloooooo! ......95 degrees again today.........I'm hot and sweaty and ornery! Can't wait to get home! Rob keeps telling me what to do! Plane leaves tomorrow. I peed my pants again! Max and I board the plane! What I thought was going to be a nightmare traveling with Max, turns out wonderfully! The guy next to me on the plane insists on talking to me.........Hellllooo, I'm trying to sleep, moron! Max surprised me and did a fabulous job traveling, although he keeps farting and I know everyone else on the plane is thinking it's me. (Oh well, I'll never see these people again!) Home to snow and ice, cold weather, and 30 degree days, BUT FINALLY HOME-nonetheless! :):)

Back in Michigan! My life is now complete again!

Actual photo taken at our Tree Lot in Florida 2008 (Fraser Fir)

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