Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Are You Addicted?"

I found a new friend (I love new friends) while chit-chating on 'BlogFrog'.......her name is Alexes and she's over at 'One Cluttered Brain''ll have to go check her out at  She's really funny (not as funny as me, of course, but hey.....I'm just sayin'......)  Just kidding....she's REALLY one funny lady!  She's my newest blog friend....I figure we'll be 'BBF's' one day (she really doesn't know it yet, but I'm sure we will.)  HA!

.....anyway.....I was visiting her community (on blog frog) and she was asking a question: "What are your daily addictions?" ..............well, 'Holy Freak', SHE has a LOT of additions.........(and I told her so)..........and I shared mine, too!  And I told her I was gonna write a post about her 'addiction question'...............(and see.........I really did!)  .........SO....what am I addicited to, you ask?

"Let's see....1.) Energy Drinks.........specifically 'Red Bull' (sugar free) (even better with a touch of Vodka)

2.) I'm not only addicted to Facebook, but those D_MN Facebook games.....(Heaven help me if I don't 'harvest' a freakin' crop on time!)

3.) Blogging (.......well, duh.....................helllloooooo!)

4.) I also am addicted to 'clean underwear'....I change my undies about 3 times a day, as a matter of fact.........(It may have something to do with me peeing my pants all the time)............yeah, I have issues, people!

And quite recently I've become addicted to 5.) Ranch flavored sunflower seeds ( fact my tongue is raw from sucking all the salt off them, then trying to open the little suckers up to find the little treasure hiding inside!)

What are you addicted to?


  1. Yikes! I have lots of addictions. I'm also addicted to Facebook. It got so bad that I went cold turkey on all the games except for my farm. Gotta have my farm. Iphone apps don't help either. My other many addictions include chocolate glazed donuts, bookstores and coke!

  2. I'm addicted to Blogging, Facebook and Shemar Moore. I watch reruns every night of Criminal Minds. I am getting better at not playing all the stupid games on FB. Right now the only thing I'm playing on there is Family Fued.

  3. Mary: I think I'm more addicted to the FB Games than I am to the actual Facebook! (I'm a loser!) :):) I don't have an IPhone, so I'm safe from that! ..... I love to read, so I can see where the bookstore might be a problem! :):)

    Dazee: 'Shemar Moore' is good (not as good as 'The Rock', but he's pretty Hot! :):) and my game of choice on FB is 'Frontierville' and 'CountryLife'

  4. I would have to do a whole post on my least MOST of them are legal...I think...FB is definately one of them...freakin Sun Chips, the salsa ones...Blogging is a new one since April, like I needed another addiction to deal with...Bubblemint Gum...Trueblood, and there's just no excuse for that one...

  5. I am addicted to.......

    1. Starbucks - it's WAS a very EXPENSIVE addiction when I was getting Cafe Mocha's, then I decided to cut way back on my calorie intake and the addiction price went down a little - I started drinking Skinny Vanilla Lattes - then to cut back even MORE on the price AND calories, I am NOW drinking just coffee with 2 splenda's and skim milk. I cannot give them UP! I seek out Starbucks where ever I go - I CRAVE it!

    2. Blackberry - I've had one since they hit the market! NOW I'm thinking I will switch to the new G4 Iphone - I might go through a severe withdraw stage.......we will see!

    3. EXTRA Pepperming Gum - YEP, I buy a pack at EVERY grocery store and convenience store I enter. My kids ALWAYS take it from my purse so I need my stash.

    4. Forensic Files on TRU TV - LOVE LOVE LOVE that show - I DVR it and ALL the reruns!!

    I'm sure there are more - loved your post. :-)

    Keeping it Personal,

  6. hi jenny..excellent post
    hope u too like my follow my blog...


  7. hey girl!
    Thanks for the shout out!!
    Now i am OFF to find out ALL your hiding places...LOL.
    Do U have a blogfrog too?
    I noticed Twitter..YAY! I adore Twitter as well!

    I LOVE the fact that U are addicted to clean underwear too! LOL.

    Yes, we might become BFF...hee-heh. I can see us becoming good friends because we are ALOT alike..esp. in the addiction category. Have U ever been to a blogger conference?

    Maybe we can meet up someday!
    Start saving your $$$!!!

  8. Angie: Yeah, I'm sure if we put our minds to it, we could think of a lot more addictions that we're leaving out. 'Salsa Sun Chips' Rock, by the way!

    Teri: Don't even get me started on Starbucks....I've tried to stay away from frappiccinos and lattes, etc (because of the calories)...they are soooooo addicting aren't they! YUM! (Now you got me craving one, thanks a lot!) :):)
    And I don't have a blackberry or a Iphone.....(just a little 'Tracphone') HA! I have enough trouble staying Off my computer, if I had a hand held internet service 'at my fingertips', I'd really be in trouble.

  9. Maubrey: Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to check out your site as well...... :):) I love new friends!

    And, Hey Cluttered: You're very seem like a real fun gal and I can't wait to get to know you better! I've been reading thru your posts and you make me laugh (and I like that!) I'm still trying to figure out the 'Twitter thang'....and I've yet to check out the 'Hootsuite' as you recommended, but I'll get there! (oh, so little time, so much to do) :):) It's good to know someone else has issues with their underware! And I've never been to a conference, but thinking someday, that may happen! :):)

  10. Yum! I've never had ranch flavored sunflower seeds, but it is now on my list of things to do.

    My addiction: Diet Dr Pepper. This is notable because I like to stay away from chemicals and other yuckies. But it's the one way in which I'm a complete hypocrite. If I don't have my DDP one day, it feels like the world's coming to an end. (Oh, the drama.)

  11. Leslie: I'm eating BBQ flavored right now, but not as good as Ranch.....(but better than the original.)

    And I'm like Red Bull, like you're with your DDP.....gotta have me my 'Red Bull'! :):)

  12. I'm hopping over from Blog Frog. I also am addicted to Facebook. I had a number of games I was playing, but have finally cut it down to one - My Tribe. I am also addicted to posting to both my blogs and Blog Frog. Someone mentioned Twitter, I have a Twitter account but I don't use it because I am afraid of becoming addicted.

  13. I found your blog a few days ago and absolutely love it!! I'm for sure a new follower=)

    I've nominated you for a blog award, so stop by my blog to receive it=))

    Thanks so much for your humor...Happy blogging!

  14. Sunny Day....thanks for stopping by! Facebook is soooooo addicting, I agree! I'll have to check "My Tribe" out (great, now I'll have another game to add to my list!) Thanks alot, Sunny! :):)

    Marty: An Award? Just for Me? I'm sooo excited! (I've got goosebumps all over, matter of fact!) I'm off to check it out and express my Thanks! :):) Thanks a bunch! You Rock, Friend!

  15. Jenny, your so welcome for the award You have made me smile quite a few times over the last week or so, ever since I found your blog=) (With my husband deployed, I need all the smiles I can get)

    Ok, so what am I addicted too?? Wellllll, now that you mention it, wanna be neighbors in Fa*mville??? LOL

    I have quite a few addictions, one of them being good coffee, and since I haven't had mine yet I can barely hold my eyes open at the moment. On that note, I'm off to brew me a cup-))
    Have a great day my new friend=)

  16. Hey- I'm stopping by from One Cluttered Brain's place.. I am now following you and will befriend you via all the stuff there is to befriend you with.

    I'm addicted to Facebook, internet, Blogging, candy, frogs, taking pictures, The Beatles!


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