Monday, March 21, 2011

I think I have a parasitic worm growing in my eyeball....I'm just sayin!

The last couple of days, my RIGHT EYE has been hurting me and it’s been a little puffy….(…..NOT the eyeball itself, but the top of the eyelid….)….it’s been a little itchy and red…(…NOT the eyeball….my eyeball isn’t red AT ALL….just the eyelid and surrounding area…)

This morning I woke up to find it was swollen shut....(....well, almost swollen shut....I'm exagerating a little ...cause that's what I do.....)..…… right top eyelid is huge and puffy and it looks like:  1.) I either got punched in the face (more specifically – in the eye) OR 2.) that I’ve got a severe case of ‘elephantiasis’.     It’s not a pretty picture, people…..(….just so you know!…)    It’s not crusty and there is no seepage…..and since the morning, the swelling has went down, and I can actually see now, but my right eyelid hurts…(…like a straining hurt - whenever I look at something or move my eyeball to look at something…which sucks….cause I usually look at stuff …with my eye….you know....on a daily basis...)   I’m pretty sure it’s not a Sty….and I’m pretty sure it’s not ‘pinkeye’……….so I taped a tissue over my bad eye and put my glasses on so that no one would notice at work, but that didn’t work out to good from me, since everyone kept asking me what the H*LL was goin’ on with my eye and why the ‘Freak’ was I wearing an eye patch. I eventually took the tissue out and so now I’m walking around with one eye all made up all pretty with eye shadow and mascara while my right eye is red, bulging, swollen and nasty looking…….(…I pretty much scared the UPS man, when he came in for a delivery today…..he did a double take…. …and then refused to look me in the eye… know…….THE NASTY SWOLLEN EYE that I have going on right now….)

I’ve been using my eye drops and NO – I haven’t went to the doctor yet, but will probably go in the morning since I’m grossing everyone out with my nasty eye and all……. I figure I’ve either A.) got an allergic reaction going on with something…….B.) got a infection in a tear gland OR C.) got some parasitic worm living in my eyeball.

No worries........and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my eye situation.........


  1. I'm thinking you should call an ambulance...or pest-control?

  2. good god woman. I can't believe after that long you didn't go have that checked. you totally should have dressed up like a pirate for work. gone to the dollar store and got the whole patch, hook arm and sword. that would have been priceless

  3. OMG I've missed YOU! I'm laughing so hard! Tears even....still, I can barely see to type this! You are such a wacky, crazy, funny, no...hilarious, woman!
    I'm imagining the UPS man...have you seen the "Austin Powers" movie with the "mole"? (this will be lost on you if you haven't) but anyway, this guy has a huge mole on his face and Austin Powers can't look away or keep from using the word "mole" while talking to the guy...I'm seeing the UPS guy not being able to look away!
    OMG...I can't type...I'm laughing too hard!

  4. Angie: Although I don't think my crusty eye warrants a 911 call as of yet, I do like the idea of calling a pest control company to get rid of the worm in my eyball! :):)

    Dazee: Hey, I'm not one to run to the doctor for every little ache and pain, altho a worm in my eyeball might be cause for alarm, I agree! And, you're right, I should of dressed the part of a pirate at work, and kept the eyepatch on all day, then maybe the UPS man wouldn't have thought I was some sort of a 'freako' with a nasty eye!

    Hey,'ll be glad to know that I think my 'freaky eye' is healing quite nicely on it's own.....I think so, anyway....and yes, I've seen that particular Austin Poweres movie....totally funny! Yeah, that would be me! Total 'eye-sore' on my face! I'm glad I made you giggle!

  5. Gawd, that's scary, Jenny. I know that feeling.
    I think it's funny how you refer to such things as possibly elephantitis. I got a nasty sun blister on my nose last week & kept telling everyone not to mind that I had elephantitis on my face. lol.

    Scary as such a thing is, this was still a really funny post.

  6. LilPixi: Too funny that we're both familiar with the elephantitis syndrome...hey, maybe we're long lost sisters that carry that hereditary gene in our family!


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