Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Random thoughts......

Random things going on with me today:

1.) My ‘Nasty Eye’ seems to be healing quite nicely on its own today - thank you very much………(...…at least I THINK it is…)….....It’s not as puffy, red and nasty looking today.......... the swelling has gone down, and it doesn’t hurt as much as it did yesterday! ….(…altho, I can’t really be sure….since I’m high on Benadryl and Motrin right now..)

2.) I ate an entire cheesecake on the way to work this morning! (….just thought I'd let you all know what a pig I am...…)

3.) I’ve been noticing what with spring around the corner; all of the stores have their spring gardening supplies and yard decorations out.  Wouldn’t you know that the hot item this year is ‘freakin’ garden gnomes…..everywhere I look!   Are you freakin’ kidding me………I went down an aisle the other day, and there must have been about five or six rows of the ‘freakin’ things……just glaring at me from atop their shelves……what the H*LL is wrong with people! And who the H*LL buys these things, anyway, I ask you?

4.) The bad news is that my tooth hurts today…..my tooth gum is red, lumpy and puffy and it hurts..….kinda like I have a popcorn kernel stuck in it……only I HAVEN'T eaten any popcorn lately…….so I can’t be sure - but I’m fairly positive that A.) the parasitic worm that was in my eyeball yesterday has left my right eyeball and traveled to my tooth today  .....OR   B.) I’m growing fangs and turning into a vampire! .......I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Maybe Spring is just beating you up like it likes to beat on me every year, lol, you know, just bodily adjustments, weird unknown allergies, etc..

    The cheesecake had me dying. Sounds like something I'd do. Tell me it was blueberry. Mmm.

    And every time I scroll up & see "How to Survive A Garden Gnome Attack" at the My Life As Jenny store, I just burst out laughing.

    Now I'm normally into magical mystical wee folk, but I can't help but to heed the warnings on garden gnomes. Lil bastards are creepy. Hope that eye heals up quickly!

  2. LilPixi: Nope - Cheesecake was Chocolate Fudge, Sorry! Yep - lately my minds been on my nasty eye situation (which I'm assuming is allergy related), so I haven't been concentrating on my fear of gnomes! But hopefully my eye will be healing soon and I'll be back to dodging garden gnomes in neighbors yard again...

  3. you certainly could never go on the amazing race because they always have that gnome dude on there. and sometimes they even have to carry him the whole race that day. just sayin.

    you sound like you need to be on some antibiotics woman.

  4. Your parasitic worm looks just like my great uncle. Is that wrong?
    Eat some cheesecake for me!!

  5. Dazee: I've never seen the amazing race....and I don't think I'll start watching it now - if it involves gnomes... My eye is healing and feeling much better now, Thank you! :):)

    AMo: Yeah, that's what I envision my parasitic worm looking like kindof... Really? Your Uncle? I'm not too sure about that one.....I LOVE cheesecake, by the way!


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