Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Web Class is 'Kicking my *SS'....and I still have my Parasitic Worm!

My friend, Porscha, e-mailed me the other day:
Okay Jenny, what the hell is going on with you today? How is your eye? I have to read about your medical ailments on your blog?   Oh, and I don't think an entire cheesecake is part of the cleansing program. :-)  If it is, sign me up!!
How's school going? Caught up yet?  Later, Porscha

My response:
Ok, freakin' web-class is kicking my *SS!   I'm on lesson #8 (and I'm supposed to be on lesson #10) so THAT means I'm 2 lessons behind! Can you tell me "Which is a block level element that allows me to specify logical divisions within the content of a Web page......a class, a span, a DIV, or a Style?"......I'm completely freakin' LOST! .....AND "Can you tell me which is an element used within the Head section of an HTML document to contain CSS style rules?" .........AGAIN.......I'm completely utterly FREAKIN' LOST! So you ask me how I'm doing in my Web Class?    The only reason I'm EVEN PASSING it at this point in time is because I'm 'CHEATING'......the quizzes are all multiple choice and open I can look up the answers ....The only thing graded is the final exam.....and unless the final exam is 1.) multiple choice, 2.) open book, and 3.) NOT timed...I haven't a chance of passing this freakin' class!

Oh.....and the parasitic worm that has been living in my eyeball the last couple of days has moved to my tooth now!  The swelling and red puffiness in my eye is gone now.   ....didn't you read my last post? .....helllooooooooo......'s moved to my tooth now!  My 'Tooth Gum' is all inflamed and puffy and hurts....and NO I haven't went to the doctor YET...are you kidding...I'm seeing how many areas of MY BODY can become infested by worms before I actually get it taken care of by a professional.'s a thought............MAYBE the worms will move to my stomach NEXT and they'll start eating my BELLY FAT and 'Muffin-Top'!!!

Oh, and I'm totally disgusted with myself for eating an entire cheesecake for breakfast....if HairyMan finds out, he's gonna 'FREAKIN' kill me!    Later, Venus

.......(Note: If you're new to my blog, Venus is my alter know the one that gets me into trouble all of the time!)

(picture courtesy of the internet)


  1. Booze kills parasites. Go have a margarita. Or 5.

  2. HA! Great Idea! I see we think alike.....since I tried drowning out my worms with Vodka last night.....we'll see how it goes...

  3. I told you - it's tarantulas making a new home.
    I think a fish fry at the Legion will be the cure all. But if you aren't cured by then, I'm not getting in the same car as you on Friday. I don't want bugs making homes my body parts. :-)

  4. Hey, Anonymous: Quit talking about's freaking me out...besides, that's tomorrows post! And what are you talking about - fish fry? I don't know anything about a fish fry.....and haven't you been paying attention? My eye is fine, now...I'll just keep my mouth shut on Friday, so you don't have to see the worms infesting my gums! HA!

  5. Honestly, I'm gonna have to spank you when I meet you, and not in the good way.

    And the whole class thing. WTH!!! That was all over my head.

  6. Dazee....I give you full permission to spank me since sometimes I'm a very naughty blogging buddy! :):) And -'s a miracle I'm even getting thru this class so far...I'll keep you posted on my final exam grade! (Cross your fingers, will ya!) :):)


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