Thursday, March 24, 2011

No more Worms and Spiders...thank you very much!

I had just gotten used to the fact that I have parasitic worms living in my eyeball and my teeth gums and now my good friend, Porscha, has got me thinking about tarantulas nesting in my head!  Her exact words were in fact:   "Freaky about the swelling thing.    Sounds like some type of odd allergy - or tarantulas nesting.   I've heard of them doing that in cacti - maybe they're doing it in YOU now!"  

What the H*LL!   Now I can't stop thinking about baby tarantulas crawling around in my eye sockets and teeth gums.......  ...(...thanks, the way..)

And NO my good friends.....I HAVEN'T went to the 'freakin' doctor yet.......... (.......simply because if I go to the doctor and tell him that I think I have worms and spiders living in my head, he might commit me!.........)........... eyes are back to normal now and my tooth gum is NOT red, puffy, throbbing  and/or inflamed ANYMORE!   So it looks like my little parasitic problems have mended on their own.......(.....with the help of Benadryl, Motrin, Prozac and Vodka ..........thank you very much, my friends...)        OR.... maybe because I may have imagined the whole worm/spider story to begin with and it's probably safe to say I never really had worms and spiders living in my head to begin with.  

But if that's the case..........(.......and I don't have worms and spiders living in my head after all.......)..... then I ask you:   "Where are the voices coming from - that talk to me in my head?" 


  1. Oh great, Laura, thanks for clearing that up for me! ;) Now you got me starting all over thinking about them again... well, at least now I know what baby tarantulas are called, thank you very much! :):)

  2. I see how you are. I get all worried that you have something that needs antibiotics and you just ignore me. Talk to the hand!!!!

    Good on Porscha. At least she gets you all scared. :)


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