Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's with the Bacon, Larry?

I'm on a "Bowling League' now. I bowl every Thursday night with some friends  ........and our first night was last week. So I'm at the bowling alley last Thursday night and we all order some food, right? Well, the guy sitting across the table from me orders a BLT sandwich, right?   We all get our food and the guy (…we’ll just call him Larry for the sake of the story………and because his name IS Larry..……)  he opens up his sandwich and reaches in his bowling bag.    And he pulls out a handful of Bacon.  He proceeds to stack his sandwich full of the bacon - the bacon that he had brought himself  -  bacon from inside his bowling bag........and no - I'm not making this up!     All I want to know is "Is this normal bowling procedure?"  (I'm not sure, cause I've never been on a bowling league before.)    Is it normal to bring your own bacon with you?  In your bowling bag?   I spent the entire night trying to figure out what else he had hiding in there!  I kept waiting for him to pull out some potato chips or crackers, too!  Maybe some beef jerky, sliced tomatoes or cheese?  (All I can figure - is the guy really likes Bacon!)

Does anyone else think this is weird? it just me?  

Let me know............cause I bowl again tonight and I'm thinking of bringing my own french fries!

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  1. Oh my. Ummm, that is just all sorts of wrong. But then, whatever floats his boat, right.


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