Thursday, July 16, 2015

Maxi-Pads in the Fire-Pit!

I have a little Yorkshire Terrier, Max.  He wears diapers!  I'd like to say he wears diapers because he's getting old (he is 14 years old) and doesn't know any better.  But that's probably not the case!  The truth is that he wears diapers because Hairyman and I are terrible dog owners!  Max is not only spoiled rotten and undisciplined, but he pretty much does what he wants and never gets in trouble!  

So Max has to wear a diaper - because he walks around 'cocking his leg' everywhere! ......And it just seemed easier to put a diaper on him 24-7 rather than take him outside 'to do his thing!'
.....(or maybe I'm just too lazy to teach him any differently.....yeah, that's probably it!) 

So ........he has these cloth diapers that he wears.   They wrap around his middle ..... they hold his 'package' inside .... and they Velcro together around his middle. Inside the cloth diaper, I put a 'Poise Pad' (an adult incontenence pad) to hold the urine and I just change the 'pads' periodically
thru-out the day. 

So we go camping, right? And of course we take our dog, Max, with us.  Well, at home I have a 'Diaper Genie' that I put his used 'pads' in...(a 'Diaper Genie' is used to hold dirty diapers for babies, in case you don't know!)  Well I use one of these at home for Max's pads, but I don't have one at our camper. 

So I don't want to put his
stinky urine soaked pads in the garbage
in our camper, right? .....(because then our camper
smells like dog piss...)
So I start throwing them in the campfire
outside our camper.....(keep in mind that there isn't
always a fire going in the fire-pit) ..and I just throw
them in there as is......not wrapped up or anything.......just plain old
'used-urine-soakedMaxi/Incontinence Pads' laying in the fire-pit......
like 3 of them...4 of them...5 of them... piling up there in the campfire! (....with NO fire going, keep in mind!)
So Hairyman asked me one day:

" know we COOK our food
over that campfire right?
You do know that people
walk past our fire-pit
daily, right? ..... 
And what do you think they
think when they look in our fire-pit and see
all these used Maxi pads just laying there?"

O. M. G.
So basically, all my camper
neighbors think I've been throwing 'MY' urine soaked Maxi-pads in the fire all week!

...and I WONDERED WHY they never want
 join us for cook-outs!


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